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November: Men’s Health Month

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In the midst of the festive holiday season is another important celebration: Men’s Health Month! It seems like these days, we’re inundated with marketing and messaging about women’s health, and the men in our lives aren’t often the focus. At Montana Apothecary and Compounding, we understand that fostering good health benefits everyone – men and women alike. Here’s three great ways that men can prioritize their health this holiday season.

1. Mental Health Matters

One of the best ways to encourage optimal health is to regulate ourselves emotionally and mentally. For men especially, the topic of mental health tends to be pushed aside or disregarded as a contributing factor to one’s physical health – but they’re definitely tied together! Men often hold careers that are physically demanding, but they also endure mentally tasking challenges in their daily lives too. From being providers for their home, or managers of their teams, or being hyper-focused on safety at the job, there’s countless ways that stress creeps into men’s daily lives. By focusing on eliminating stress where possible, one can improve their overall health by leaps and bounds.

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2. Supplements

Vitamins and supplements can be a significant way to encourage great health amongst men, as well. For instance, vitamin D can boost healthy testosterone levels in men, which is vital to their overall health. Just like women, men tend to be deficient in this vitamin which contributes to poor immunity, lack of energy, and more. By incorporating essential vitamins into their daily routine, men can see a great improvement in their energy levels and health.

3. Exercise

As always, one of the absolute best ways to lead a healthy life is to exercise regularly. Men who work physically demanding jobs don’t necessarily find themselves in need of focusing in on this area, but for those who’s work tends to be more sedentary, the incorporation of physical exercise into their daily routine is vital. Whether it’s investing in a walking pad so you can work and exercise at the same time, or going for a run outdoors at the end of a long work day to breathe in the fresh air and get your heart pumping – exercise is key!

Men's Health Matters

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