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Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Program

Montana Apothecary and Compounding Pharmacy in Great Falls, MT offers Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy customized to your individual needs. 

In mid-life, our hormone levels tend to decline and can cause uncomfortable symptoms. Hormone Replacement Therapy is one treatment option that we will discuss during your private consultation.

Our Montana Apothecary and Compounding pharmacists create high-quality, customized prescription hormones that are structurally identical to natural hormones, that are at the lowest possible dose, and that are in the particular dosage form that best suits an individual patient’s needs.

The Individualized M.A.C. Process

Step 1
Evaluation form

Complete the online comprehensive evaluation form. Allowing us to understand your individualized needs.

Step 2
Hormone test

Visit M.A.C. to pick up your hormone testing kit. 

Step 3
Initial consultation

We schedule you for a consultation. During the consultation with one of our M.A.C. pharmacist, we will review symptoms, discuss medical history, and inquire about current medications. 

Step 4
Treatment plan

At the end of the consultation, a treatment recommendation will be made to your practitioner of choice who is licensed to prescribe BHRT. Alternatively, we can schedule you with a provider here at M.A.C.

Step 5
Follow up

Once treatment has started, it does take 6 to 8 weeks for hormones to stabilize.

Adjustments are not typically made until the end of this time frame. One of our M.A.C. pharmacists will follow up with you to check on the progress after one month and make adjustment recommendations if needed, but ideally will wait until the 2 month mark. 

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