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Our Mission

Montana Apothecary and Compounding offers countless therapeutic possibilities and is able to meet the unique needs of specific patients with our state of the art compounding lab.

Our lab contains equipment that is not found at most pharmacies, enabling our technicians to compound precise medications to match the prescriber’s exact specifications.

  • Quality Ingredients (from FDA inspected facilities)
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment
  • Compliance with the Highest Industry Standards (USP 795, and 800 Compliant)
  • Potency and Sterility Testing
"A modern apothecary dedicated to self-care."
Shelbi Frieling, Pharm, D.
Owner & Pharmacist
Montana Apothecary and Compounding pharmacy in Great Falls.





Experience Outstanding Service

When it comes to pharmaceutical products, quality is not just the most important thing – Quality is everything.

Our pharmacists are here to provide you with a positive, encouraging and overall great experience. We put your health top of mind to ensure it’s a priority for all. 

Our Core Values​

Our core values are the backbone to our business. Our pharmacy in Great Falls, Montana works hard to ensure our values are seen by every customer. 

Chris Van Sickle
Chris Van Sickle
I was suffering from a fibromyalgia flare. Couldn’t sleep, severe fatigue, generally felt awful. A friend recommended I try low dose naltrexone. After the initial 12 week titration period, I can truly say this gave me back my life. I highly recommend this med and the staff at MAC. They are so helpful and friendly. Great addition to Great Falls.
leslie Steensrud
leslie Steensrud
I am so happy with Shelby and her team at Mac Pharmacy. They are very professional and helped me through a tough time with my health. We are blessed in our community to have their services.
meghan o'dell
meghan o'dell
I have been so beyond impressed with with MAC team. Their extensive knowledge along with their incredibly welcoming experience makes all the difference. They support their community and their community loves them! They welcomed me with open arms as a nurse practitioner student and gave me so many resources that will help me provide for my future patients. I love that I can count on them to get whatever I want/need for my health and for the health of everyone I care for.
Alex Kosanda
Alex Kosanda
MAC is a Great Falls gem. The staff are friendly and the environment is welcoming, organized, and smells amazing! The supplements are high quality and goods are unique. The HRT program is great. Shelbi is thorough and makes recommendations that are specific to my needs. She also looked at the supplements I was taking and weeded out the ones that have ingredients that are counter productive to my health goals. She also made recommendations of new supplements that would be beneficial.
Laura Shindlebower
Laura Shindlebower
Recently made a trip to Great Falls to and stopped in at the Montana Apothecary Center. So impressed with the service Shelbi and her team provided that day as well as the continued support they are providing as I embark on a journey to feel years younger.
Betty Friese
Betty Friese
They help my little Oliver by making his medication into a liquid , easier to take and for us to give him , they are AMAZING ♥️
Derik Powell
Derik Powell
Shelbi and the MAC staff are great! Extremely knowledgable and easy to work with.
Donna Ferderer
Donna Ferderer
MAC PHARMACY is so friendly and professional at the same time. Wonderful staff and so informative and knowledgeable. I would recommend everyone to stop by and visit this local business and give your support.
Tammie Lynne Smith
Tammie Lynne Smith
Participating in MT Apothecary's HRT program shattered the myths that hormones are only important during childbearing years and women no longer need them after menopause. A valuable resource for anyone who wants or feels the need to look beyond the basics of a standard blood work and chemical panel to make sure your body has the hormones and chemicals it needs to function at its best!
My experience with the Hormone Replacement Program & Shelbi at MAC has been Wonderful! Shelbi provides not only an environment that supports you during your journey, but extensive hormone knowledge that continues throughout your journey. I would definitely recommend MAC for all your hormone and pharmacy needs!


The same professional product delivered time and time again.


Improving the health of our patients through unrivaled innovative treatments.


Phone lines that ring directly to the pharmacy with access to one of our highly educated pharmacists.


Using the most advanced equipment and testing methods to verify the potency and purity of ingredients.