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HOW TO prescribe

Custom Compounded Products

Our pharmacists are available via phone, fax, and email to consult with you, and answer questions, and be a resource for you and your patients.


E-prescribe through your EMR


Fax your prescription to
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Consult with a pharmacist directly by calling (406) 952-0376 or leave us a message and we will respond to your request promptly.

How to write a compounded prescription

Writing for a compounded medication is straightforward – the most complex part is choosing the active pharmaceutical ingredient(s) (API) and the dosage form. We offer easy-to-use pumps for cream or gels.

Please include the following information. We are happy to consult with you regarding your patient’s prescription if you have questions.

How to send a prescription

To send a prescription to Montana Apothecary we can receive it by:

contact MT Compounding


If you are a doctor in Montana who would like to learn more about our compounded therapies, please leave your information below so we may follow-up with you:​