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3 Things We Love About Helena, Montana

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Welcome to Helena, Montana

As Montana’s capital city, Helena is a vibrant, upbeat city with a population of over 33,000 residents. It’s also located in the heart of the state, nestled halfway between the ever-popular destinations of Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park. Although it’s home to countless resources for its residents, it does not have a compounding pharmacy – that’s where Montana Apothecary and Co. comes in! With shipping available to our customers, we’re able to service the residents of Helena so they can access their compounded prescriptions. We’re thrilled to service Helena residents, and we’re sharing 3 things we love about Helena below!

Number 1: A Rich History

Founded originally during the Montana Gold Rush in 1864, Helena is seeped in a rich history. Affectionately known as the “Queen City of the Rockies,” Montana’s capital city is known for its celebration of this history, sporting beautiful historic buildings and sites for residents and tourists to admire, which also give us a glimpse at Helena’s past.

Helena has fostered its growth since its founding, and today it continues to be a vibrant city full of life, bursting with all kinds of activities for its residents and visitors to enjoy. From shopping of all kinds, to art galleries, diverse dining options, micro-breweries, and countless opportunities to enjoy the outdoors – Helena appeals to anyone and everyone!

Number 2: Nature’s Natural Beauty on Display

As mentioned above, Helena finds itself planted in between two beautiful National Parks that bring a constant influx of visitors in. There is so much to admire in scenic Helena, and the city encourages its resident’s enjoyment of the outdoors. From winter sports, to horseback riding, to bicycling with your family on one of the many outdoor trails, the options to get you and your loved ones out in nature is truly endless. And the sunsets witnessed over the Rocky Mountains each evening is truly unmatched.

Number 3: A Kind and Connected Community

At Montana Apothecary and Co., we’ve experienced firsthand the kind and encouraging community that Helena residents have poured their energy into creating. The city’s residents are bursting with pride and love for their hometown, and we are honored to be connected in serving its residents with our compounding pharmacy. Whether you’re just visiting, or planting roots, the people of Helena will welcome you in as family!

With our state-of-the-art compounding lab, we’re ready to assist our extended community of Helena, Montana. Contact us or call us on (406) 952-0376 to learn more about how we can service you and your family for all of your pharmacy needs here in Great Falls, Montana!