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Montana Apothecary & Compounding is able to meet the unique needs of specific patients with our state of the art compounding lab. Our lab contains equipment that is not found at most pharmacies, enabling our technicians to compound precise medications to match the prescriber’s exact specifications. Our pharmacists are here to answer formulation questions to help your patients.

Compounding is a great option for people who

Have allergies to common mass-produced fillers (lactose, gluten, dyes)

Need customized, medication strengths (children or the elderly).

Need unique dosage forms

Need medications that are in short supply

Are unable to take a medication due to unwanted side effects, unpleasant taste or lack of improvement. 

How to write a compounded prescription

Writing for a compounded medication is straightforward – the most complex part is choosing the active pharmaceutical ingredient(s) (API) and the dosage form. We offer easy-to-use pumps for cream or gels.

Please include the following information. We are happy to consult with you regarding your patient’s prescription if you have questions.

How to send a prescription

To send a prescription to Montana Apothecary we can receive it by:

contact MT Compounding

Common Compounded Prescriptions

Please reach out to our pharmacy if you need a compounded prescription not on our PDF list below.

We’d be happy to work with you to meet the needs of your patients.