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Take Charge of Your Digestive Health this December

digestive health to minimize constipation

Thanksgiving is now behind us, but the holidays aren’t over yet! At Montana Apothecary & Co., we believe that there’s nothing more beneficial for you than time well spent with friends and family this holiday season. But that doesn’t mean your physical health has to be on the back burner, either, or wait until the New Year to become a priority. In recognition of December and Constipation Awareness Month, use these two tips below to take charge of your digestion during the holidays.

Fiber Focus:

One of the simplest yet surest ways to take charge of your overall digestive health is by including and incorporating more fiber into your overall diet! So many of us live busy lives with jam-packed schedules – especially during the holidays – and that leads to us often reaching for convenient foods like fast, frozen or heavily-processed foods.

By incorporating fiber-dense food into our daily diets, we can reach optimal digestive health and regularity, which boosts our overall health tremendously. Beans, broccoli, berries, avocados, whole grains, apples and nuts are some incredible staples for a fiber-rich diet.

digestive and constipation health awareness montana


Another highly underrated, easy and extremely effective way to increase your digestive health is to start drinking more water! Not only is water an essential for our bodies, but its health benefits are truly amazing. Many people find that by drinking water before, during or right after a meal, their digestion of that meal is improved greatly. Drinking water before a meal also can prevent overeating, which is a huge step in curbing digestion issues as well.

Constipation Awareness Month

Besides these two tips above, we pride ourselves at Montana Apothecary & Co. with understanding the unique needs of individuals and their health. Many great supplements and holistic options exist to overcome digestion challenges we often face. We’re here to help you navigate your health! Give us a call at (406) 952-0276 or stop by our pharmacy in Great Falls, Montana today!

Digestive Enzymes Vegetarian

A comprehensive blend of enzymes that help with the healthy digestion of foods found in a vegetarian diet. Digestive Enzymes Vegetarian also helps with the digestion of hard-to-digest foods, such as dairy, grains and legumes.

Digestive Enzymes with Betaine

An all-natural dietary digestive supplement formulated with ox bile, digestive enzymes and betaine. Digestive Enzymes with Betaine helps with the healthy digestion of fat, protein and carbohydrates.

Gluten Digestive Enzymes

Gluten Digestive Enzyme is a natural dietary supplement specifically formulated with enzymes known to enhance the digestion of gluten. The addition of acidophilus and prebiotics further enhances the digestion of gluten in the diet.

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