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November: Men’s Health Month

In the midst of the festive holiday season is another important celebration: Men’s Health Month! Learn more about the importance of men’s health and supplements catered to your health.

Children's health and what you can do during the flu season

Children’s Nutrition: How to Fight Flu Season

At Montana Apothecary and Co. we understand that our health is largely based on a blend of nutritional factors, and this absolutely applies to our children as well. Nowhere are the adverse effects of the Standard American Diet more apparent than in the current nutritional status of our country’s children.

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School is Back: Let’s Talk Sports Nutrition

Since the beginning of time, athletes have tried to better their performance through nutrition, and that hasn’t changed. But we’ve learned that recovery after intense exercise is actually just as important in an athlete’s training program.

Mens health supplements

Men’s Health Matters

Often times, the focus on health tends in the media to revolve less around men’s health and more heavily on women’s health – but men’s health matters, too! Often, the more challenging aspects of aging in men tend to be focused on the decline of testosterone levels.
Because of this, men believe that supplementing their declining levels of testosterone will bring them back to youthful health.